Mission and Vision

“If love is deep, much can be accomplished.”   Dr. Shinichi Suzuki

The Tree of Life Charter School (TLCS) is a unique TK-8th grade school that partners with parents to nurture the Heart, Mind, and Spirit of the child as they explore the world and discover their gifts.  TLCS recognizes the power of Life-giving words to bring hope, establish a positive identity, and equip students to set and achieve goals of excellence for themselves.  Students have the opportunity to acquire a 2nd and 3rd language, and explore global cultures through World Music and the Spanish/English Dual Immersion program. Students participate in a hands-on, Inquiry-Based Learning design which incorporates all subject matter through integrated units of study. Instruction is frequently taken out of the classroom, into the natural environment to allow for scientific exploration, observation and experimentation. TLCS employs a “Curriculum of Compassion” engaging students in a variety of service learning opportunities, allowing them to understand and help solve real-life problems and experience the satisfaction and joy of knowing they can be World Changers!



TLCS will organize all learning and exploration into “Villages”–creative physical spaces for instruction and collaboration that engage all students fully to dream, learn and explore ideas.

Creation Village—Math, Science, Hands on experiences—Environmental focus and outdoor classroom, Community Garden, Physical Education and Nutrition

Heritage Village—Family, Culture, Social Studies, History, Language and Literacy

Compassion Village—Community centered, Character Ed, Caring for others and our World, service learning, Local and global outreach, 2nd and 3rd language instruction

Expression Village—Exploration and development of unique gifts and passions– World Music, arts, dance, movement, performance, cooking, invention, design


Daily Schedule

8:00-8:30 Breakfast Bar—eating together–children and parents help serve and clean up

8:30-9:30 Creativity Time: World Music; Daily Reflection and journaling

9:30-11:30  Village Time (Content instruction and Inquiry)

11:30: Recreation Time

12:00 Lunch—Families rotate to help with lunch

12:30-2:30—Village Time (Content Instruction and Inquiry)

2:30-3:00—Celebration Time: Recognition of accomplishments, goals met, ideas generated