In the Compassion Village and Heritage Village, our students will engage in Global learning and inquiry—partnering with students in classrooms in other nations to increase language and comprehension skills, but also to increase multicultural proficiency, global awareness and to develop empathy and first hand understanding of problems faced by others in the world. The culture of our school will promote service learning—students will begin in the early grades with school jobs allowing them to serve and help others in the school community.  As they grow, they will take the service learning to the broader community and participate in volunteering with many different organizations, charities, schools and events.

In our upper grades, students will have the opportunity for Global Service Learning—to actually visit the school in the country that they have been learning about and communicating with, partnering with the students there to serve their community.  We will have student exchanges with a partner school in Mexico where students get to visit and stay in each other’s homes for 2 weeks, attending class and participating in field trips and cultural experiences.  Every exchange will include a joint service learning opportunity—children serving together to make a difference in the world.

Being a global citizen means respect and honor for one another, taking responsibility for our own actions.  Students have freedom to make mistakes in this environment  of a Growth Mindset, where there is no shame or blame, and students are taught empathy, forgiveness and compassion for others in a local and global context. By acquiring 2nd and/or 3rd language skills and cultural understanding, exploring the world through a technology-embedded inquiry-based learning model and by engaging in local and global service learning opportunities, all students will become self-motivated, competent and lifelong learners.