Often students do not have access to hands on learning experiences, or opportunities for exploration that leads to critical thinking, or the opportunity to engage in service to others. Our students are all Language Learners—becoming bilingual and bi-literate with exposure to many cultures and languages. In order to best serve our diverse student population, we have designed a unique instructional model known as The Villages:  Integrated Inquiry Based Learning that inspires students to ask big questions, to research, experiment and collaborate with others to solve real world problems.  Inquiry Based Learning takes place in the Villages—Physical spaces set up for the specific focus area of study.

TLCS will organize all learning and exploration into “Villages”–creative physical spaces for instruction and collaboration that engage all students fully to dream, learn and explore ideas.

Creation Village—Math, Science, Hands on experiences—Environmental focus and outdoor classroom, Community Garden, Physical Education and Nutrition

In the Creation Village, Inquiry Based learning will be supported by a MakerSpace for each grade level. Makerspaces allow students to take control of their own learning as they take ownership of projects they have not just designed but defined. Where makerspaces exist on campus, they provide a physical laboratory for inquiry-based learning where students are allowed to use critical thinking to collaborate, explore and design.  In addition, students learn to care for their bodies and our planet through environmental and nutritional studies in the Culinary Garden and Outdoor Learning Lab, and Physical Education instruction, movement and sports education which takes place daily with a PE specialist.

Heritage Village—Family, Culture, Social Studies, History, Language and Literacy

In the Heritage Village, students explore Languages and Literacy in Spanish and English, and are exposed to many more languages and cultures, with 3rd language electives beginning as early as 3rd grade.  Students explore their own heritage and family culture, learning about the Geography and History of our local area, the state, the US and the World.  Our students gain an appreciation for the History, Music, Art and culture of the Native People Groups who were the first inhabitants of Shasta County.

Compassion Village—Community centered, Character Ed, Caring for others and our World, service learning, Local and global outreach, 2nd and 3rd language instruction

In the Compassion Village our students engage in Global learning and inquiry—partnering with students in classrooms in other nations to increase language and comprehension skills, but also to increase multicultural proficiency, global awareness and to develop empathy and first hand understanding of problems faced by others in the world. The culture of our school will promote service learning—students will begin in the early grades with school jobs allowing them to serve and help others in the school community.  As they grow, they will take the service learning to the broader community and participate in volunteering with many different organizations, charities, schools and events.  In our upper grades, students will have the opportunity for Global Service Learning—to actually visit the school in the country that they have been learning about and communicating with, partnering with the students there to serve their community.  We will have student exchanges with a partner school in Mexico where students get to visit and stay in each other’s homes for 2 weeks, attending class and participating in field trips and cultural experiences.  Every exchange will include a joint service learning opportunity—children serving together to make a difference in the world.

Expression Village—Exploration and development of unique gifts and passions– World Music, arts, dance, movement, performance, cooking, invention, design

In the Expression Village, students will have the opportunity to explore their gifts and talents in Visual and Performing arts through an exciting and joy filled instructional component that incorporates songs and rhythms and dance and drama from many cultures and languages, allowing students to gain appreciation for people from every nation and every language.