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Core Values

2 smiling girlsHonor and Respect

We create a culture of honor and respect by always believing
the best in each other and resolving conflicts
with an uncompromising commitment to connection.
-No Put-Downs - Tell your friends

Gifts and Strengths

We recognize and call out the value of each individual and
their uniquely profound contribution to the team.
-Empower, don't devour

Global CitizensA teacher reading to the class

We develop compassionate bilingual and multicultural leaders.
-Even though I'm small, I can change the world

Growth Mindset

We provide an environment that is free of shame;
where individuals are given the tools to take risks,
learn from their mistakes and overcome obstacles
-No way Through Isn't True

Kids outside dancing

Constant Celebration
We value taking the time to celebrate cultures,
nations, people, growth, and achievements of all shapes and sizes.
-Work hard, Celebrate, Repeat!