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Thank you for your interest in our school. To better follow up on your application, please fill out this short survey before downloading the enrollment application. 
Para nosotros es muy importante el interés que muestras por aplicar en nuestra escuela, Para dar mejor seguimiento a tu solicitud por favor llena esta pequeña encuesta antes de descargar la aplicación de inscripción.

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In keeping with the Dual Immersion instructional model, TLCS will have a policy of enrollment to ensure a linguistic balance of approximately 50% dominant English speakers and 50% dominant Spanish speakers, or as close to this balance as is possible.  This begins with the transitional kindergarten and/or Kindergarten class each year, and will continue to be maintained at each grade as much as possible.  No student who is currently enrolled at TLCS shall be displaced if the parent or guardian chooses for them to remain at the school, and no student shall be assigned to TLCS over the objection of his or her parent or guardian.   
Parents of students will be required to provide the following for enrolling students.

  • Tree of Life Charter School Enrollment Application
  • Proof of Age (Birth certificate or passport)
  • Emergency Medical Authorization
  • Emergency Contact Information
  • Special Education Information (if applicable)
  • Immunization Record
  • Two Proofs of Address
Priority for enrollment will be given to:
  • Siblings of current TLC students;
  • Children of staff members;
  • Children living within walking distance of the Charter School.
TLC will hold an open enrollment period from January-March of each school year at which time eligible students may file an application packet for admission for the following school year. 
Students need to have turned five by September 1st of the current school year to be admitted into the kindergarten program. Students who turn five between September 2 and December 2 may be admitted to the transitional kindergarten program. Subsequent entry ages will be in accordance with applicable state law.
Pursuant to the California Charter School Law, should the number of applications received for enrollment be greater than the number of students allowed by the charter, or by the Governing Council limit, a lottery process for admission will be instituted for the applicants.  This lottery will be carried out one week after the closing of the enrollment period.  
Within one week of the completion of the admissions lottery, parents who have been drawn in the lottery will receive a phone call offering them a spot in the school.  Parents have 48 hours to either accept or decline the offer of enrollment.  If they decline, the first student on the same linguistic waitlist will be called and offered the spot. This will continue until all spots are full.  Students on the waitlist will be notified that they are on the waitlist and will be called if a spot opens up throughout the summer or after the start of the school year.
If after the open enrollment period the number of students enrolled in TLC remains below the charter-specified limit, the Charter School will continue to accept students “on a first-come, first-served basis” throughout the school year.
The Charter School shall admit all students who wish to attend the school.  (Education Code § 47605(d)(2)(A)).  
If the number of students who wish to attend Charter School exceeds its capacity, as determined annually by the District,
the school will conduct a public random drawing/lottery.  (Education Code § 47605(d)(2)(B)).  Currently enrolled students
(regardless of residence or any other factor) shall be exempt from the lottery. 
The school will provide an admission preference for prospective students residing within DISTRICT (Education Code § 47605(d)(2)(B)).

Students who participate in the lottery but are not selected will be placed on a waitlist. As seats become available, Charter School shall fill the seats from the waitlist.  This waitlist shall be effective until the end of the programmatic year to which it pertains.